For single-day and Paws-In-Demand clients, payment is due in full on the day of service. Payment is due in full on the last day of service for the week for multi-day dog walking clients. For example, if you booked Monday, Wednesday, Friday, payment is due on Friday. For monthly invoicing, payment is due on the first day of service. For pet sitting clients, payment is due in full two days before the start of the first day of service. When booking around a holiday, a deposit of 25% of the balance may be required at the time of booking to secure your spot and payment is due in full two weeks prior to the first day of service.

A $5 per week late charge will be assessed to the service that is not paid when it is due. There will be a $25 service charge for each returned check. You can pay online through our scheduling software (ACH, debit, or credit card) or by check. Please make checks out to Pawsitive Dawg.

If payment is not received within 7 days, you may be subject to a late fee of $5/week until payment is received. If your account is 14 days past due and your balance is over $250, services may be suspended until your account is current.


Reservations are based on Dog Walker/Pet Sitter’s availability to clients. Clients with a set weekly schedule are guaranteed a space in our schedule. Variable schedules are scheduled on a first come-first serve basis. If you are a new client, please email Pawsitive Dawg directly or click on the "Check Availability" button to inquire about our availability for services. If you are an existing client, please use the scheduling software to schedule services. Pawsitive Dawg will respond to your request within 24 hours and you will receive a confirmation email of the reserved services if we have availability.

Pawsitive Dawg schedules services in 1-3 hour time slots and is unable to guarantee specific times. We have a duty to provide exceptional care to the animals we are caring for and will not compromise our level of care to rush to our next visit. We do our very best to arrive within the one hour time block that you see on your schedule but sometimes extenuating circumstances occur (traffic, flat tire, sick animal, etc). If an animal we are caring for needs additional time, we will spend the extra time needed to make sure that animal is well taken care of. There may be times that we may request longer visits in order to properly care for the animal. 

Early Morning Visits between 7-8am and 8-9am

Mid Morning Visits between 9-10am and 10-11am

Early Afternoon Visits between 10-1pm or 11-2pm

Mid-Day Visits between 12-3pm

Mid Afternoon Visits between 2-3pm

Late Afternoon Visits between 3-5pm

Dinner Visits between 4-5pm

Dinner Visits between 5-7pm

Evening Visits between 6-8pm

Bedtime visits between 8-9pm

Dog Walking services are provided Monday through Friday between 8:30am-5:00pm. Our Dog Walkers or Pet Sitters may have availability to provide services outside of those hours. There is an additional $5 After Hours Fee for each visit scheduled before 8:30am or after 5:00pm and an additional $5 Weekend Fee for each visit scheduled on Saturday or Sunday.

Our Standard Single Visit Cat Sitting services are available daily between 8:00-5:00pm. Our Pet Sitters and Cat Sitters may have availability to provide services outside of those hours. There is an additional $5 After Hours Fee for each visit scheduled before 8:00am or after 5:00pm and an additional $5 Weekend Fee for each visit scheduled on Saturday and Sunday.

Our Twice Per Day Cat Sitting services are available everyday between 7:30-7:30pm. There is an additional $5 After Hours Fee for each visti scheduled before 7:30am or after 7:30pm and an additional $5 Weekend Fee for each visit scheduled on Saturday and Sunday.

There are many pet care services to choose from. Depending on your pet’s needs and pet care duties, we can schedule a quick 20 minute visit to a 60 minute visit or longer if needed. If you want a specific dog walk length, we suggest choosing a visit length that is 5-10 minutes longer than the walk. For example, if you want a 30 minute dog walk, you should request a 35 minute or 40 minute visit.

We can usually accommodate Last Minute or Same Day Services during the week. We prefer at least 48 hours notice whenever possible. If the reservation is made under the “Last Minute or Same Day” parameters, you will be charged an additional $5 last minute or same day fee over the regular visit rate. A request is considered a Last Minute or Same Day request when we receive a request in the Time to Pet portal after 8:00pm the night before or on the same day as the requested service day. 

Last Minute or Same Day Services are subject to scheduling constraints, and clients might not receive the desired time slot.

We do not provide regular dog walking services on the following holidays: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve. However, we provide pet sitting services on those holidays with limited availability so please request services at least a few weeks in advance to reserve your space. There is a $10 holiday fee per visit for any service scheduled on those days.

Pawsitive Dawg requires daily visits for cats and little critters and a minimum of 3 visits for dogs within a 24 hour period. The minimum visit length is 25 minutes for one cat and little critters, 30 minutes for two cats, and 30 minutes for dogs dogs when only scheduling 3 visits per day. If we schedule 4 visits for dogs, we can provide 20 minute visits for two of the visits. When we are pet sitting for 7+ days, we must provide a minimum of two hours of service within a 24 hour period spread out over 3-4 visits.

For Paws-In-Demand Services - We will review your request in the order it has been received and send you a follow up message as soon as possible if we are able to provide services. Please DO NOT assume we can definitely provide services for your pets. There are no guarantees that we have availability. If we do have availability for the services you need, we will send you a service confirmation email. Once you have paid for services, your reservation has been officially confirmed.

When possible, we will provide a back-up walker if your regular dog walker is on vacation or out sick. If we arrive for a regularly scheduled service and you want to cancel, you will be charged for your regularly scheduled service. If we are not able to provide service for your pet, we will notify you by phone call or text message on the morning of the service.

Every animal at the site of service will be current (per veterinarians recommendations) on its rabies vaccinations prior to the arrival of any caregiver. The Pet Owner will make arrangements to guarantee that each animal will remain current on its rabies vaccinations throughout each service visit period.


Services for your pet will continue regardless of the weather. However, weather and road conditions may impact service times. We will make reasonable efforts to adhere to a consistent schedule during inclement weather but may make time adjustments for the safety of our employees. If you would like your service to be modified to account for inclement weather, please notify us the night before your scheduled service.

In the case of extreme weather Pawsitive Dawg will use our best judgment if service should be modified or shortened due to extreme weather (power outages, temps 90+ or 25-, lightning and thunder storms, or blizzard type conditions). In the case of a weather related emergency as declared by local government, we maintain the right to cancel or suspend our services.


If you know you will not need a visit during the week, please try to give us as much notice as you can whenever possible. If you need to cancel services for the next day, please try to submit a request by 8pm the night before in order to prevent being charged cancellation fees. Pawsitive Dawg understands that emergencies happens so if you need to cancel last minute in the morning, please submit your request before 8am to prevent being charged the full amount of the visit. Any cancellation made between 8pm-8am, will be charged 50% of the service and any cancellation made after 8am will be charged the full amount of the visit. In the case of weather related cancellations, please cancel before 8am in order to prevent being charged for the visit.

Please give at least 48 hours when cancelling for pet sitting services.

48 hours prior to start of pet sitting service: No charge, refund in full.

Less than 48 hours prior to start of pet sitting service: 1/2 charge


Pawsitive Dawg requires that you provide two house keys (or one set of keys and access to a lockbox or coded door with another set of keys) so we can access your home and provide service to your beloved pet(s). We cannot accept responsibility for any theft, loss, or damages to your home should you choose to leave a key outside your property or leave doors unlocked so we can access your pets.

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