Dog Walking Services

Pawsitive Dawg was created to provide customers with a variety of services that meet human, canine, and feline needs. We know how hard it is to find someone you can trust to take care of your pet when you are going away. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, force-free, scientific based pet training and pet care for each animal under our care. We are dedicated to maintaining and fostering the physical, social, and mental well-being of all of our furry friends. Pawsitive Dawg is the company people can trust to treat your furry loved as one of their own.

As Force Free pet care professionals, we adhere to a very strict code of conduct. We understand Force-Free, according to the Pet Professional Guild, to mean: "No shock, No pain, No choke, No fear, No physical force, No compulsion based methods are employed to train or care for a pet." This means that we do not use any tools or training technique that we believe will cause any pain or discomfort. This includes but is not limited to choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, and slip leads.

Our company is committed to meeting our clients' needs and offer many options that can be customized to meet your needs. You tell us what you need and we will create a customized service and quote for you and your furry-legged child.

Initial Booking Consultation 30 minutes

At this visit we can complete the necessary paperwork, answer questions, transfer keys, and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pet(s). This required meeting must be scheduled at least 5 days prior to the start of any service with the exception of our Paws-In-Demand Dog Walking service.

FREE - You will meet with one of the owners to review detailed pet care instructions.

$25 - You will meet with one of the owners and your dog walker/pet sitter to review detailed pet care instructions. If you require more than one dog walker/pet sitter and would like to meet with all of them, it will cost $25 per dog walker/pet sitter.

What Can I Expect With Hiring Pawsitive Dawg as My Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

When you hire Pawsitive Dawg, you can be confident that you are hiring professional dog walkers and pet care providers. You can be assured that we only hire the best staff! If we cannot find someone who is up to our standards, we put a hold on taking on new clients. Our employees go through a very thorough interview process which takes about 2+ weeks. They fill out a screening survey, have at least one phone interview, two in-person interviews, 3-4 references checks, and have a background check done. They also go through training for at least 2 weeks (25+hours of training) before they take on any new clients. Employees come to us already Pet First Aid & CPR trained or become certified during their two week training period. All of our employees also participate in on-going professional development opportunities to learn new skills and build their overall knowledge of the best practices in animal care.

We specialize in individual visits because you are paying for us to take care of your pets. Therefore, your pet(s) will be our only focus during our visit. If you sign up for a group walk because you have a social pup and want him/her to meet new friends, we will never walk more than two (2) large dogs or three (3) small dogs at one time.

There are many pet care services to choose from. Depending on your pet’s needs, we can schedule a quick potty break to a 60 minute visit. If you want a specific walk length, we suggest choosing a visit length that is 5-10 minutes longer than the walk.

At our Meet & Greet, the Owner/Pet Care Manager takes detailed notes with the dog walker/pet sitter listening. Later, she’ll put it in the scheduling software so everyone has a reference to go back to. You can edit your profile at any time.

If you have special commands you’d like us to use or have anything you would like us to work on with your dog, please let us know. We do have one dog trainer on staff working towards becoming a professional dog trainer. We also work with a wonderful force free trainer named Janet Vera, the owner of For the Love of Dogs, so we would be more than happy to provide a consultation and develop a plan to help you and your pup be happy as possible.

When we provide dog walking visits, we spend the first few minutes of our visit giving our furry friends some extra love and getting ready for the walk. Our dog walkers are specifically trained to walk in a way that’s comfortable, relaxing, and fun. The first few minutes are spent “sniffing” so they can have some structured down time. After the dog goes potty, we should have time to pick up the pace and get some good exercise in. We will walk as briskly as your dog can comfortably and safely walk. If your pup decides to pull or lunge, we’ll use distraction techniques to get them to refocus. We use “watch me,” touch,” “sit, or “let’s go.” We always have treats and will use them to reward good behavior. If your dog wants to stop to admire the scenery or sniff around a new spot for a moment, that’s okay. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. You may see us talking with the furry friend on our walks. We love to tell them stories and shower them with praise! Everyone loves routine and structure, but we also vary our walking routes to prevent boredom and to provide new exposures.

We supply our own poop bags, but it would be great if you had extras in case we run out. You don’t have to worry about your neighbors complaining that your dog walker left a mess all over their yard. We pick up everything and throw the bag(s) away in the specific place that we discussed at the Meet & Greet.

Our visit reports are automatically sent to your email after each visit using our scheduling software. We like to be detailed in our notes so we can make note of anything that’s different with your pet’s behavior or potty routine. We encourage lots of communication between the Pet Care Manager, Dog Walker, and owner, all of which can be seamlessly integrated into your scheduling portal. No matter how long or short the note is, it means we were there and we are watching your pet really closely. The Pet Care Manager (Angela) oversees all visits and makes sure everything is going well and as planned.


Prices listed are for weekday visits between 8:30-5:00pm for one dog.

After Hours and Weekend Hours are available. Please scroll down the page for additional fees that may apply.

Solo dog walks

Potty break $19 - These very short visits can be used as a quick outing to the front or back yard. Some dogs will require 2-4 regular visits per day. (OFFERED ONLY IN WALTHAM DURING THE WEEK IF WE ARE ALREADY IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD - NOT AVAILABLE ON WEEKENDS). 

20 minute visits $22 - Visits can be used as a neighborhood walk or meal time feeding. Some dogs will require 2-4 regular visits per day.

25 minute visits $25 - Great for dogs that need a good balance between sniffing and walking. This seems like the perfect length for most dogs to do their business and get a good walk in.

30 minute visits $28 - Our most popular choice. Good for dogs that require a longer walk in the neighborhood and/or need a meal time feeding. 

35 minute visits $32 - Good for dogs that require a longer walk in the neighborhood and need a meal time feeding. 

40 minute visits $34 - Good for dogs who may need additional time warming up to a new dog walker or require longer walks, play, and supervised feedings.

45 minute visits $36 - Good for dogs that require longer walks, play, and supervised feedings.

50 minute visits $38 - Good for dogs who may need additional time warming up to a new dog walker and require a good balance between sniffing and walking in order to do their business.

60 minute visits $40 - Good for dogs that require a significant amount of exercise, play, and supervised feedings.


Walk and Train Sessions

Using only positive reinforcement and force-free training methods, Angela will work with you to expand your dog's world. While the process is not easy; with patience, love, and consistency, change can and will happen! Angela is the only dog walker offering this service so space is extremely limited. Your dog walker is also a dog trainer. We must walk and train your dog for a minimum of 2 sessions per week in order for this program to be effective. Over time, we may be able to transition your dog to a regular dog walking session with another dog walker. There is a frequency discount program when you regularly book 3+ sessions each week.

20 minutes $32

30 minutes $38

45 minutes $47

60 minutes $57


Paws-In-Demand Dog Walking Service (Same Day Service)

$35 for each weekday visit; $40 for each weekend visit; $45 for each weekday holiday visit; $50 for each weekend holiday visit -We completely understand that things happen in life and you may be in desperate need of a reliable, professional dog walker or pet sitter. To meet the needs of people who require last minute dog walking services, Angela offers an in demand service called Paws-In-Demand. You don't have to worry about leaving your dog(s) in the hands of complete strangers. She has over 25+ years of pet care experience and excellent references so you can be confident that your dog will be well taken care of! We will do our very best to be there within a 4 hour window if you have requested same day service.

  • Please create an online account and fill in all of the required information in order to have your reservation reviewed.
  • Once your account has been approved, a Meet and Greet must be scheduled before same day or next day services is available.
  • Only available in Waltham, Belmont, and Watertown.
  • All animals must be friendly with strangers and up to date with Rabies vaccinations.
  • We will need two sets of keys (or one set and access to a lockbox or coded entry) before we can start services.
  • All services must be paid in full before any service is provided.


Leashed individual hikes

Solo leashed hikes for dogs to a local dog friendly park $45 - To ensure that your dog is comfortable and safe while in our care, we only take 1 dog at a time. This service is perfect for dogs that require a great deal of exercise but can't be around other dogs. With this extremely small dog-to-person ratio, your dog will get more attention and play than the typical doggie day care. Your dog will be away from home for about 75 minutes.


Additional Fees - at times, we may charge fees in addition to the pet care costs.

Travel Charges (per visit)

   *0-20 minutes of travel time FREE

   *21-30 minutes of travel time $5 + the cost of mileage

Key Exchange Fee $5 per visit (For apartment buildings where we have to pick up and drop off keys/fobs at each visit)

Holidays $10 per visit

Weekends $5 per visit

Visit before 8:30am or after 5PM $5 per visit

Additional dog $5 per visit (This only applies to a dog that lives in the same household. Visiting dogs must pay the full charge.)


Waltham, MA

**Services Areas**




Parts of Newton (West Newton, Auburndale, Newtonville, Nonantum, Newton Corner, Newton Lower Falls, Waban, Newton Center)

Parts of Lexington, Lincoln, and Weston

**Insured and Bonded**

Pawsitive Dawg is fully insured and bonded and is an official member of Professional United Pet Sitters and the Pet Professional Guild.

**Pet First Aid & CPR Certified**

All of our staff have been Pet First Aid & CPR certified through Pro Pet Hero.

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