Michael and Angela both grew up in Waltham, Massachusetts. Working with animals has always been their dream so in 2012 they decided to make that dream come true. They both grew up with cats and dogs and Angela currently lives with her dog, Oki.


Michael was a union carpenter for over 10 years and decided to change his career. He worked in a doggie day care for almost two years gaining valuable experience working with hundreds of dogs, learning all about the different breeds and their temperaments. He loved working with the dogs so much that he realized he found his true calling in life. After always working for someone else, Michael decided to follow his heart and turn his love for animals into a full time career. Nothing makes him happier than being outside with his four-legged friends!

Owner/Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Angela was a public school special education teacher and worked in special education for 14 years before joining the business full time at the end of June 2015. She has always had a passion for helping people and animals. Nothing brings her more pleasure than watching a two-legged child or a four-legged child learn a new skill. She also received her dog training certification and is currently gaining as much hands-on experience as she can with her own dogs and dogs from the Pawsitive Dawg pack. She is taking a leave from teaching so she can pursue her other passion in life of working with animals. She loves to be in nature and go on hikes with her dog, Oki.

Our Employees


Chad has three sisters and always had pets in the house growing up whether it was cats, dogs, hamsters, or parakeets. He's always had a love for animals, especially birds and dogs. He is currently helping Angela with the day to day operations of Pawsitive Dawg as an Office Manager.


Kamelia has always loved animals. She has taken care of dogs, cats, birds and rabbits at daycare/boarding facilities, where she has supervised dog playgroups, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all, as well as fed and provided fresh water, provided baths, performed and assisted with nail trims, administered medications, and provided basic first aid. How animals learn, their behavior, and psychology fascinates her, and she is always seeking to learn more in these areas.


Betsy’s love of animals started at a very young age, and she always had many pets growing up. Today Betsy works in Special Education and volunteers a couple days a week at a local cat shelter. At the shelter Betsy works a lot at socializing shy and feral cats to help them become adoption ready. She is also a part of the Cat Pawsitive Team at the shelter and is clicker training cats. The Cat Pawsitive program is through the Jackson Galaxy Foundation. Betsy is taking classes at Animal Behavior Institute towards Animal Assisted Therapy, Animal Training and Advanced Feline Training. At home she has two cats of her own, Rocco and Fifi, a newly adopted feral. She is very excited to join the Pawsitive Dawg team.


Diane grew up in Brighton, Ma, and from a very young age she was instilled with the love of all animals, especially cats, by her Mother. She began as a volunteer for The Cat Connection cat rescue of Waltham in 2010, starting as a socializer of semi-feral cats of all ages. Soon she fostered cats of all ages, many with behavioral and/or health issues, with the goal of finding them furever homes. Currently she is the Medical Director, part of the intake committee, and volunteers at many of the fundraisers. She lives in Waltham with her cats and works as a Bus Driver for students with special needs.


Nick has a great love of all animals. He has had the opportunity to care for iguanas, turtles, mice, chickens, ducks, pheasants, frogs, cats and finally dogs. He grew up with and took care of Zander, a Wheaten Terrier, who recently passed away at the age of 16. Unfortunately, he cannot have pets at his current residence, but jumps at the chance to work with all animals.


Taylor has had a tremendous love for animals throughout his life, growing up in a cat house hold. He also had the opportunity to grow up around farm animals, and also dogs! He has had experience bathing, grooming, and boarding with numerous dogs as well. You can find him hiking, camping or visiting his local animal shelter!


Susan has been an animal lover from an early age. Susan grew up with cats whom she loved, but also always wanted a dog. As a child Susan would walk and care for friends and neighbors dogs and cats. Susan has worked in sales for the last several years, but has also been a part time dog walker and pet sitter for the last nine years. Susan and her husband have three cats Sybil, Phoebe, Cleopatra, and dog named Tara.


Susie grew up with dogs in her home from a very young age. She also cared for and walked a number of the neighborhood pets as a kid. She has an understanding of and a respect for animals, and a passion for the work. After many years in the social work & social services field, she recently joined Pawsitive Dawg in the hopes of working with animals more consistently.


Laura grew up loving animals and has owned dogs since Third Grade. Laura has experience working as a grooming assistant, at a dog boarding facility, walking dogs and pet sitting, and volunteering for animal rescues. She has also fostered many homeless dogs until they found homes! Laura currently has one rescue dog named Mia and a little boy in elementary school. When she’s not working with animals Laura enjoys fitness, the outdoors, and reading.


Brittney grew up loving animals. She spent her summers taking care of dogs, her own bunny, and riding horses. She is a full-time student, currently obtaining her Master's in Social Work. She has always loved taking care of her friend's animals, and is so excited to be able to spread that love of animals to Pawsitive Dawg's clients!


Rowena grew up with cats, but had many friends and neighbors with dogs who she has gotten to know. She has experience in pet sitting and dog walking, and has even had experience caring for horses. She was raised alongside John, her first cat and littermate. Her current two cats are Rob and Maureen.


Chyna grew up with cats and dogs and other small critters. She currently has two Chihuahuas named Cora and Jack, a Pitbull mix named Gertrude, and a Saint Bernard/Boxer mix named Maverick. She is a full time college student studying photography, art history, and advertising. In addition to working with Pawsitive Dawg, she also helps her mother with her dog walking/pet sitting company gaining a lot of experience caring for animals. She has lots of patience and wants to make sure all pets are happy, healthy and living their best lives at all times.


Shannon has a love for the environment and natural world which includes all animals! She grew up in Massachusetts and although her immediate family never owned a pet, she spent a great deal of time around dogs and cats from extended family and friends. Additionally, she lived with and helped care for some furry friends throughout college and beyond. She has worked as a special education teacher for about three years with kids of all ages and is currently working towards a Master of Science in Marine Technology. She loves when she can fit dog walking and pet sitting into her schedule whenever she can!


Sean grew up in a Midwestern town and moved to the Boston area in 2017. He is a full time welder, and a lifelong animal lover. Growing up with dogs of various breeds and sizes and even a few bunnies in between, Sean is excited to share his personal love for animals with the clients of the Pawsitive Dawg team!


Desiree grew up with cats and dogs between immediate and extended family members. She has two cats named Simba and Nala. Currently, Desiree works full time as an Outreach Counselor and is working towards her master’s degree in Social Work. She enjoys being around animals and helping to take care of them and finds it therapeutic in a way.


Brittany grew up with many animals throughout her life, including cats, dogs, turtles, fish, birds and a hedgehog. She currently has a dog named Cooper and two cats named Otis and Nala. Brittany works as a high school Science Teacher and a dance teacher all while getting her masters in health education. Animals are and always have been a part of her life, and she cannot image a world without them!


Dante’s interest in caring for animals comes from his past of living with dogs among other pets! Currently, he is a nanny and the general passion for caring for others and he can’t wait to spend time with your furry friends!

 Our Friends

Dog Trainer

Janet Vera Professional Dog Training

Janet takes pride in offering training and behavior services to specifically suit the unique needs of each family and dog(s) she's working with. Her immediate goal is to be part of improving your relationship with your canine family member. She offers private, in-home training solutions for undesirable dog behavior issues including reactivity and aggression, in addition to obedience training. Her approach is the whole health method of assessing each dog in their primary environment while offering solutions based on the physical, mental and emotional needs of the animal. Her services are recommended by veterinarians, rescue groups, dog trainers, dog walkers and other pet professionals.


Waltham, MA

**Services Areas**




Parts of Newton (West Newton, Auburndale, Newtonville, Nonantum, Newton Corner, Newton Lower Falls, Waban, Newton Center)

Parts of Weston, Lexington, and Lincoln

**Insured and Bonded**

Pawsitive Dawg is fully insured and bonded and is an official member of Professional United Pet Sitters and the Pet Professional Guild.

**Pet First Aid & CPR Certified**

All of our staff have been Pet First Aid & CPR certified through Pro Pet Hero.

Why us?

Pawsitive Dawg was created in 2012 to provide customers with dog walking and pet sitting services that meet human, canine, and feline needs. We know how hard it is to find someone you can trust to take care of your pet when you are going away.

Pawsitive Dawg is the company you can trust to treat your furry loved one as one of their own. Our company is committed to meeting your needs. As a result, we want to share our many options with you so that your pet will have fun while being taking care of.

We specialize in individualized pet care services. You will never see us walking a huge pack of dogs or sitting at a dog park with a bunch of dogs. We take the well being and safety of your pet very seriously. We treat our clients as if they are our own pets.

We are proud members of the Pet Professional Guild. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, force-free, scientific based pet training and pet care for each animal under our care. We are dedicated to maintaining and fostering the physical, social, and mental well-being of all of our furry friends.

As Force Free pet care professionals, we adhere to a very strict code of conduct. We understand Force-Free, according to the Pet Professional Guild, to mean: "No shock, No pain, No choke, No fear, No physical force, No compulsion based methods are employed to train or care for a pet." This means that we do not use any tools or training technique that we believe will cause any pain or discomfort. This includes but is not limited to choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, and slip leads. For any dog that pulls, we will only use the Freedom Harness, Easy Walk harness, or Gentle Leader head collar and we will use positive reinforcement methods to teach him/her how to walk nicely on leash.

Pawsitive Dawg is also proud to be FetchFind Approved! Using science-based, up-to-date content developed by nationally known pet industry experts, the FetchFind Monthly Pro program ensures that all of our employees are trained with the same consistently high standards from the minute they join our team. This means you can rest assured that your beloved pets are receiving the best care possible from our knowledgeable, confident, and compassionate staff.

All of our staff are Pet First Aid and CPR certified before they can work with our clients and get re-certified every two years. They learn how to notice abnormalities and detect early warning signs as well as perform life saving techniques. These are all crucial skills of being a professional pet care provider.

Don't let our name fool you, we LOVE cats too and have a team of cat sitters dedicated to ONLY caring for cats. Pawsitive Dawg is proud to be Cat KingPin certified. We are dedicated to the well-being, health, and safety of each cat we care for.

Pawsitive Dawg is proud to be a part of the BAXTER & Bella partner family and committed to sharing force free training resources with all of our clients.

Pawsitive Dawg welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

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